Sisters of Salem Society of Paranormal Research
Sisters of Salem Society of Paranormal Research

Whispers Estates, Indiana

S.O.S. recently took a trip all the way to Indiana! Whispers Estates was a one of a kind investigation due to the fact that the radio network that the Conner Sisters are on with the Paranormal Party, hosted a investigation for all of the shows on the network. It was a pleasure to meet all of the individuals on the RFN Media network. The groups worked together fantastically to have a wonderful joint investigation.

The Whispers Estate itself is a wonder in the fact that the spirits still think they are alive and are very active! So much, children still play and the Dr. still works in this victorian home.

This is the first location also that the Sisters have come across that encourages the use of many other items that people normally have a hesitation in using such as ouiji boards, water/mirror gazing, and table tipping. It was a different look at investigating that hopefuly will happen again in the future with the Whispers Estate and S.O.S.


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