Sisters of Salem Society of Paranormal Research
Sisters of Salem Society of Paranormal Research

New Castle, Va Graveyard

The team had the pleasure of meeting Robert Torgersen, who shared a great treasure he has been investigating for a while.

S.O.S. got to investigate this remote cemetary with almost no contamination. It is located on the National Jefferson Forest off a road that sees most of it's travelers during hunting session.

The team first got in contact with Robert (Bob) because of his story on "My Ghost Story". They were very intrigued because of it being so close to their home locations.

S.O.S. did research before hand by asking locals if they had ever heard of any haunted locations in this area of New Castle and the Graveyard was the one place that was brought to their attention.

The team looks forward to visiting "Bob's Graveyard" again in the future and they thank Bob for the chance to investigate with him.


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