Sisters of Salem Society of Paranormal Research
Sisters of Salem Society of Paranormal Research

About S.O.S.

The Group was founded by Misty Conner, Ashley Conner, and Rachael Ross. The society has a collective blend of members who cover a vast area of interest in the paranormal field.


S.O.S. would like to be part of the advancement of the field through scientific investigations. The group of researchers do NOT provoke, use abrasive language or use other negative methods in order to get a reaction, they are here to document and observe.


The society was founded on the beliefs that in any field, the boundaries must be tested to grow, so the researchers do as many experiments as possible to get answers of question that are pondered by many. This is an ever changing field that the society is part of and S.O.S. is excited to see it grow and develop. 


Numerous hours of in-field research and education has been preformered to make sure the groups stays a breast the new theories and development in the paranormal and surrounding fields.


"Education is the movement from darkness to light"-Allan Bloom



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