Sisters of Salem Society of Paranormal Research
Sisters of Salem Society of Paranormal Research

St. Alban's Sanitorium, Radford, Va

This investigation was a great experience due to a couple of reasons, one, S.O.S. was able to work with two great teams, Amelia Island paranormal, East Tn Paranormal Research Society and of course they could not leave out a nice little lady, Lucy Lambert. The two groups S.O.S. got to work with are a great example of Paranormal Unity. The group was thankful for the opportunity to get to know both of the teams and investigate with them.This investigation was the first for the S.O.S. team as a formal group in public and the first private investigation for St Albans for paying clients.

The second reason would be the location. When a person comes to St. Albans,their first thought is they are getting just one building but this great location has at least two large buildings with hallways and many floors connecting them. If a person was to go into this location, and not have a guide, it would be a maze to get back out. Which adds to the intensity of the investigation.


Check out their up coming events and/or get an investigation scheduled to experience this great location yourself.


*Main photo courtesy of Amelia Island Paranormal.

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