Sisters of Salem Society of Paranormal Research
Sisters of Salem Society of Paranormal Research

Misty Conner

Founder-Public Relations-Director

Co-Host Paranormal Party

"I have always had an interest in the paranormal and I think that is attributed to growing up in the South. Nothing is more captivating than as a child, on a cool fall night, hearing a great ghost story or hearing all of the superstitions that have passed down from generation to generation."


"I started watching the normal TV shows as I think most of America did wh​en they first came out. I was surprised to find that there were actually groups who may have been doing this even before the shows came out."


"This is when my education really began. I realized there is a whole world of highly educated and professional people in this under-acknowledged field. I do believe as I get further into this field I become more and more of a skeptic, which in my opinion is beneficial because if you rule out everything that is possible, what you have left is more legitimate. I have since taken it upon myself to learn as much as I can. I very quickly realized the shows are for entertainment and entertainment only. We founded this group knowing that the scientific approach was the only approach to take in our opinions."


"I find enjoyment in all aspects of the paranormal field and look for anything to further my development."


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